Conditions of admission procedure for the school year 2016/2017

The admission to our nursery school is organized individually and consists of several steps.

  1. Firstly, parents will deliver the signed application for admission to nursery school.
  2. On the basis of this application, parents will be invited to register. Enrollment is carried out individually with the child during regular opening hours of the nursery school. (A child is working in a group with children from nursery school.)
  3. The term of enrollment is e-mailed to parents on the basis of submitted application for admission.

The prerequisite for admission to the nursery school is a positive attitude to the Montessori method, a personal visit of parents (within the open day, or individual visits after appointment with the Head of school) and the child's participation in enrollment.

Enrollment criteria

  1. Children are admitted to the nursery school at the age of 3 years. (By mutual agreement we can admit a child younger than three years. The Head of school reserves the right to assess the physical and psychological maturity of the child under 3 years)
  2. Children who are able to meet school educational program are admitted to the nursery school.
  3. The child has acquired basic hygienic habits and she/he is self-sufficient.
  4. The child has a sibling attending the nursery school or elementary school of Magic schools (hereinafter referred to as MS).
  5. Next prerequisite for admission to the nursery schoolis a positive attitude to the Montessori method.
  6. Parents visited the nursery school (within the open day or individual visits).
  7. The child personally participated in nursery school enrollment.

Required documents for registration

  • Applicationm form for admission to nursery school
  • Registration certificate of the child confirmed by a doctor
  • ID card of child's legal representative
  • Birth Certificate of the child

An appeal against this decision is possible within the statutory period of 15 days after delivery through the Head of school who issued the decision.

Application form

It is possible to load an application form. The completed application form can be handed over personally to Mrs.Štanclová, the head of the nursery school (+420 725 783 569), or it can be sent via email

(The application form is in the edited PDF file. If you don’t have active boxes in your viewer, you can save the file on your computer and followingly you can open it in the Adobe reader programme.)