Morning snacks take place between 9:30 and 10:00. Children choose themselves what they are going to eat and how much of it. They have a choice of fresh fruit, milk and bakery products.

Lunches are delivered by a good quality supplier of bio-products. Parents choose from two main meals: a vegetarian dish and a meaty dish (price without VAT is 65 CZK and 70 CZK). On Fridays one of the main dishes is a sweet dish. Lunch always comprises of some soup. Lunches are also provided for those children who only attend morning sessions. (In case of absence, it is possible to cancel lunch by 14:00 of the previous day by sending a text message or calling on 725 084 106.)

Afternoon snacks are served from 14:30 till 15:00. Children have a choice of fresh vegetables, milk and bakery products.

All day long we observe children’s drinking regime. There’s always some fresh water available to children. At meal times we also provide some fruit tea, juice or milk.

Preparation of meals is also a part of the practical life block. Children help with laying a table, serving meals and tidying up. They do some baking together, they prepare pancakes, fruit salads, sponge and little cakes, Christmas cookies, etc.