Extra-curricular activities

For this school year we have prepared the following morning and afternoon sessions. Their focus and contents have been designed in such a way that they develop the whole personality of a child and his specific skills. We are happy to learn about some of your new suggestions which might extend our offer.

Block in English

The cognition of children is enriched with the English language through games and natural approach. Children spend a morning or afternoon block with an experienced teacher. His experience and knowledge is passed onto children purposefully through songs, rhymes and short poems often accompanied with motor activities. The English language is acquired by children the same way as their mother tongue. They listen and immitate the language of an adult in everyday activities.

In English teaching we follow the principle of bilingualism. It means that each teacher speaks only one language. Our aim is to acquaint children with the beauty of languages and variety of world cultures and traditions. This way we help create the world in which understanding and tolerance are number one.

Music and Movement Activities

Music enriches children and dance develops their movement. It is an ideal way of how we can make use of a child‘s energy and give it a useful direction.

Yoga for children

Through simple exercises children stretch their body. The exercises improve the ability to concentrate and they contribute to children‘s development of coordination and stability.

Pre-school course

Pre-school children get an idea of what to expect from school. They learn the required skills to start successfully in the new environment. By using certain aids they master tangible skills needed for maths, early writing and reading. In the second half they meet their future primary school teachers and schoolmates.

Arts and crafts

Under the guidance of a teacher children paint, draw and create things. They encounter untraditional art techniques and materials. These arts and crafts activities develop children’s creativity, fantasy and taste.