Cosmic education – learning about the world by means of all senses

Let’s give a child an image of the whole space where everything is a part of it and everything is interlinked and makes a unified whole.

Maria Montessori

Cosmic education is a study of everything which is around us. It deals with a standing of a man in the society, it outlines the history of our planet, it explores the space, life, nature and culture. Cosmic education involves also the topics of the basics of humanities and natural science, national history and geography, biology, geography, history but also of chemistry, physics and of social and cultural sciences. A teacher tries to help children to explore the world in the context. At this age it is mainly about learning through individual senses and experiences and exploring rules by means of practical activities and experiments. The topics of cosmic education contain music, arts and motor activities. While working we follow the slogan:

Nothing stays in your mind unless you’ve touched it first.