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Bohuslava Šenkýřová, Chairperson
Mgr. Věra Sochorová
Ing. Zuzana Balžanková


Head of School


Mgr. Martina Štanclová
Head of School

Martina, Head of Kouzelné školy (the Magic schools), has been working in education since the beginning of her professional carreer. After her studies of pre-school and extracurricular teaching, she proceeded with studying special pedagogy focused on mentally handicapped children.

In 2000 Martina encountered the pedagogic method of Marie Montessori for the first time and it changed her professional course. She started to teach in the Montessori kindergarten in Prague 12 and she further widened her knowledge of this area. In 2010 the Montessori Association asked her to become one of the lecturers of the national diploma course. She teaches music and holds open seminars on this course. Martina also attended the Czech Academy of Yoga at FTVS (Faculty of Physical Education and Sports) and she cooperates with the Orff’s Association. Martina took a course of Claus – Dieter Kaul.

„The benefit of the Montessori method lies in free development of children, their desire to learn new things about the world. Thanks to those children I happened to teach, I can confirm that this method enriches everyone who adopts it. It is basically a whole-life journey for children, as well as adults.

It is very important for a teacher to guide a child without his awareness of the teacher’s presence, to provide the needed help for him and not to stand between him and his gaining experience.

Maria Montessori


Ilona Csingerová



Mgr. Barbora Bednářová

To learn something through bare obedience is not sufficient preparation for living in the democratic world. The security of democracy depends on the intellect and independence of voters. The intellect can be developed only if we enable young people to encounter problems of the real life.

Maria Montessori

Bara graduated from the Secondary School of Education Futurum, majoring in pre-school and out-of-school education, and the Faculty of Education at the University of Hradec Králové, majoring in art education and history. She has been working with the Montessori method since 2009. She has taken the Montessori National Diploma course. She briefly worked at a primary school Na Beránku in Prague 4. Working with children brings her joy and motivates her to be creative. She likes to invent new teaching materials.

„Continued interest in children´s education brought me to the Montessori method, which impressed me profoundly for its democracy and complexity. Encouraging creativity, freedom of choice and self-sufficiency in children is a major challenge for teachers. Maria Montessori method is timeless, just like once upon a time the method of Jan Amos Comenius. It is a clear method involving all the senses while cultivating cooperation and respect among children.“

The alpha and omega of our didactics let it be looking for and finding such a method through which teachers teach less and pupils learn more, through which there is less rush, antipathy and futile work but more peace, attractive activities and permanent success in teaching, in the Christian community then less darkness, chaos and conflicts but more light, order, ease and peace of mind.

Jan Amos Komenský


Henrieta Blažková
a teacher

You can develop yourself only in freedom and through your own experience with your environment.

Maria Montessori

Henrieta graduated from the Secondary School of Education Futurum, majoring in pre-school and out-of-school education, and she has taken the Montessori National Diploma course. She learned about the Montessori method through her children. She has been working with children on various levels of education. She has experience with home schooling. In Magic Schools (Kouzelné školy) she has also worked in the school club and as assistant teacher in the first stage of primary school.

 „Thanks to this method, I was able to see what unusual potential and possibilities are hidden in every child, who can - under the right conditions - develop in a happy, confident and cooperative being.“


Iva Bendlová
The English teacher